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Why Your Business Should Consider a Cloud Based Phone Service


There are many reasons why you should consider cloud-based phone service. Running a business is hard enough, having to worry about your phone service shouldn’t be something you lose sleep over. When your business offers services online, you should consider a cloud-based service. Cloud-based services are convenient and flexible for both you and your customers. When a business has an 800 number, they are found to be more reputable and are more likely to gain customers trust.


Cloud-Based Services Are The Better Choice All Around

No Install or Large InvestmentTo Make:

The tradition phone service that many businesses have and had in the past costs hundreds of dollars. There will be expensive hardware and installation service fees that will be charged by the phone company. A cloud-based 800-phone service won’t have any large investment or installation that is required.  You will simply set up your account and select the monthly plan that will work the best for you and your business.

Quick Setup:

There is no reason for you to have to wait to get the phone service you need when you can get it when you need it. Cloud-based phone service offers service in just a few minutes. You will be able to activate your account and get access to your new 800-number in your control panel, day or night! Freedom800 also has a support line to help you if you need assistance.

Convenience In Your Hands:

Cloud-based phone services offer you a way to answer your business-based phone calls on your smartphone.  Freedom800 goes a bit further and makes sure you know it is a business call before you answer the call.

On top of knowing what type of call is coming through, you will be able to access your voicemail and faxes through your email. This instant service sends you an MP3 and PDF attachments so you won’t miss any details that are sensitive to the health of your business.

Multiple Extensions For Multiple Workers:

Do you have multiple people in your business that will need to have a way to communicate with your clients and customers? Freedom800 has you covered by offering multiple extensions for a more automated call routing system. When you provide one 800 number and different extensions for different purposes, your business will be more efficient for your clients and customers calling in.

Save Money By Saving On Manpower:

With a cloud-based phone service, you won’t have to spend money hiring a receptionist and other employees to handle your phone call transfers. This type of phone service will give you the control you need to run your business as proficient as possible.

Affordable Pricing Plans:

Our pricing plans are laid out in three plans, including a budget, growth and professional. Each plan is affordable and offers different services for different types and sizes businesses. You will never get a surprise charge since everything is laid out for you from the beginning. View our pricing model.

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