Which Are Best Between Plastic Pallets & Timber Pallets?

Weight: Plastic crates can be significantly lighter than wood and are much easier to handle and work with.

Cleanliness: Plastic is much easier to clean up to the level of hygiene compared with wood. This is especially important if you are carrying items such as food. If you are looking for high-quality timber crates online then you can hop over to this website https://www.craigtimber.com.au/timber.html.

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Cost: The initial cost to purchase the plastic compared with higher timber. Although, you can use a pallet rental company so no need to worry about the cost of ownership.

Repairs: Even less likely to get damaged than wood, plastic is much more difficult to fix and in most cases will need to be replaced.

The best type of pallet or crate for you might be down to your situation. If you are a small company dealing with items that are limited, wooden pallets may prove to be cheaper because you can easily handle the repair and replacement of its own.

However, for large company longevity and ease of use of plastic pallets may make better sense when you constantly carry a lot of stuff. Plus you can find a rental pallet (also known as pallet pooling) of the company so that you do not need to worry about buying and maintaining your palette fleet.

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