Website Design: Most Common Mistakes Committed By Businesses

There are some mistakes that business owners can make when designing their websites. Let's look at a few of them:

Bad Business Model:

A good website has a bad business model. If you cannot state in one sentence what you offer, or why you are different from your competition, then you have a big marketing problem. Without a good business model, your business will find it difficult to succeed.

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Focus on style rather than substance:

It's easy to waste a lot of money on fancy Flash pages, Java scripts, music, graphics and other techniques that add a little value to your site and make it slower to download and harder to navigate. Your website must be designed so that even people with older browser versions can get the information they need.

Trying to be everything to everyone:

Found on the Internet means an approach that is focused on marketing. Choose a product or service offering and build a website around that offer. Attracting a different market from products that are not connected means your search engine ranking will decrease.

Don't think like a customer:

Your website must anticipate your prospects' questions and be designed with them in mind. What do they want to know? What is the best way to tell them? Consumers don't always want to make the best purchasing decisions, they are usually happy to only avoid the bad ones.

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