Using Your Own Wardrobe To Create Your Fancy Dress Outfit

Fancy dress parties, masquerade balls and carnivals are always celebrated with enthusiasm and, in some cases, plenty of grandeur.

An invite to a fancy dress party, masquerade ball or carnival can be planned, giving you plenty of time to organize yourself and your outfit. In other cases, they can come ultimately out of the blue – a last-minute invite that offers you a potential fancy dress selection headache.

The art of fancy dress shopping is easy, you can either pop along to your nearest high street fancy dress shop, visit Hollywood Fancy Dress Costumes or other similar websites, or you can see what you can cobble together from your very own wardrobe. You can browse stylebuzzer to get more information about it.

If you plan to use your wardrobe, here are very ideas that you will get your creative juices going:

The Classic Geisha

If you are a lover of things floral, maybe even a Cath Kidston fan, you may have enough in your wardrobe to pull off the classic Geisha look.

Remember, fancy dress is not about being 100% accurate, but more about the effort you take in the illusion that you are a Geisha. It is not about how you dress, but more about how you act.

If you have a long floral dress in your wardrobe, try to tie it with a large belt. For footwear, add a pair of heeled sandals to complete the dress.

Now, it is time to think about makeup. Use white powder on your face and apply a dark red lipstick to complete your look.

The Happy Cheerleader, Tennis Player or Sportswoman

This is one for the 'hipsters,' the 'trendies,' or only for the woman that plays and participates in a lot of sports anyway.If you have a pair of shorts, a sleeveless shirt (complete with sports brand logo) and some high top trainers laying around in your wardrobe, you are halfway there. These three form the basics; you now need to think about the accessories.

The accessories will define just what type of fancy dress you want to appear in. For example, if you are going as a tennis player, bring along a tennis racket. If you're going to be a cheerleader, go and grab a pair of pom-poms. If you are thinking about having a more generic sporty look, grab a sports bag. The possibilities are endless with this look.

Also, remember to have fun with your outfit. Do not just stick to plain whites, and dark greys, instead use more vibrant colors (if your wardrobe allows it).

The 'Cute' Clown

To most, seeing a clown at a fancy dress brings back nightmares, and flashbacks of Stephen King's 'IT.' However, you can use your wardrobe to create a cute clown, which is fun to be around.

Check your wardrobe for a diamond print top, as bright as possible (clowns are not dressed dull), together with brightly colored plain trousers. Use these, along with some makeup to complete the clown effect, to enhance the look.

Other things to remember are the trick flowers, whoopee cushion, and other prank toys.

There are plenty of options available to you, especially for those last-minute invites, so you can still enjoy that unique atmosphere fancy dress parties have. 

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