Uses And Effectiveness Of Chicago Mobile Billboards

The practice of advertising on the side of a mobile vehicle such as a truck or pulled trailer is referred to as mobile billboard advertising. This form of advertising is classified under Out-Of-Home advertising. Other forms of advertising under this category include stationary billboards, radio, and airport advertising. Using sign trucks to advertise falls under an advertising niche referred to as mobile outdoor advertising. This is worth knowing about Chicago mobile billboards.

The trucks that are used for advertising as usually parked at given locations or are driven along a predetermined route. Most trucks that are used for this job are usually dedicated and customized for the job. They are built with large, but narrow bodies for advertisements to be posted. The body of the vehicle is usually aerodynamically designed. The largest trucks can accommodate advertisements that are 30 feet in length.

Some trucks are incorporated with sound systems on the outside to help catch the attention of the public. Some incorporate elevating sign frames, illumination, and/or FM radio transmission. Incorporating thee features makes the advertisements more appealing and as a result, it has been adopted by more vendors. Exposure is also high together with a short deployment time.

There are other names used to refer to mobile billboard advertising. These names include billboard trucks, mobile ads, truck side ads, rolling billboards, ad trucks, street blimps, skinny trucks, sign trucks, billboards on wheels, mobile billboard units, and pick up truck signs. This method has been in use for a very long time and its effectiveness has been researched a lot. Statistics regarding its effectiveness has shown that it is a very effective method.

The rate or recall has been determined to be at 97 percent. About 96 percent of all people that were interviewed in another research indicated that ad trucks are more effective compared to other traditional outdoor advertising methods. The effectiveness of ad trucks may, however, be affected by a few factors that include creativity of ad design, type of vehicle used, and written copy.

Ad trucks are used to serve multiple purposes. For instance, they are very effective for sales events and short term special event promotions. They are also very effective at spreading the popularity of a political candidate during campaigns. They can easily and quickly increase the popularity of a political candidate within a given geographical area. It is possible to achieve a fast turnaround with short lead-time.

There are a few variations of ad trucks. One example is wrap advertising. In this form of advertising, a whole vehicle is wrapped with advertising material so that it is completely enveloped. This differs from traditional ad trucks, which are huge flat surfaces that appear like traditional billboards. Besides using trailers for advertisement, it is possible to use other kinds of vehicles such as pick-up truck signs, boats, pulled trailers, and bicycles.

For ad truck advertising to be effective, it is important to have a good understanding of the target market. The characteristics of the specific market such as lifestyle, demography, purchase behavior, and media consumption among others. The trucks are taken to places where they target a specific recreational area, market area, or zip code among others.

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