Tree Pruning – What You Should Not Be Doing at This Time

The question is sometimes asked whether pruning is good for trees. It might be best to ask whether surgery is good for people. Most people will probably answer the last question negatively.

Surgery is often needed, but it is done reluctantly. The same attitude must also be applied to tree pruning. Of course, trees are not as important as people, but they happen to be the most valuable element in the garden.

Pruning, even in the hands of the most skilled professionals will always cause at least some damage, but regardless of skill or vice versa from the gardener, the time of year is also a major factor that must be considered.

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The problem is less problematic for gardeners in the winter climate because the guidelines are quite clear. Deciduous plants are pruned during their inactive seasons, namely winter, while broadleaf trees are untouched until spring. In addition, the range of plants is naturally limited to plants that are resistant to freezing.

The combination of sufficient moisture, (this is the rainy season) warm spells, and pruning, is conducive to new plant growth. It is this growth of adolescents that may be adversely affected by frost which may follow a prolonged warm mantra.

Damage caused by young tissues and meat is direct and indirect. Directly, the damaged part provides a very good condition for fungal and bacterial infections to develop. Indirectly, the tree only wastes energy in growing new tissue just to be destroyed.

Most people do not realize the importance of the level of positive energy maintained in trees but in the view of many arbor culturists, this is the key to the growth and development of healthy trees.

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