Tips For Breeding Quality Boer Goats

The single most important factor in producing Boer Goats for meat is picking the right breed. Spending extra to get high-quality money will be more than enough to pay for yourself because strong money will produce strong offspring even when paired with an average female deer.

Here are some other factors to consider when choosing registered pure Boer goats:

1. 35-80lbs are the main market size for mutton. The young must reach this size around the age of weaning. Descendants of high-quality money can weigh up to 80 pounds at the age of 90 days because those who come from low-quality money may only weigh 35 pounds at the same age.

2. Jaw Alignment – Goat meat is generally raised in the pasture so that money with a bad jawline is a significant loss when grazing. Poor jaw alignment is completely unacceptable in raising dollars for commercial flocks.

3. Good legs and feet – Rotten nails can be a problem for goats that live in wetter climates. Regular clipping of the nails is needed and strong legs are a clear advantage for moving around the meadow.

Boer Goats are a pleasure to be raised. Done right, they can provide excellent income for your farming operations and in these difficult economic times, it is a great ace to get your sleeve!

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