Microbiological Activity In Soil

Most of the land around the yard had been disturbed during the construction phase of the house and has undergone major changes. Mixing layers of soil, erosion, and loss of organic matter can all reduce soil quality, along with having a decreasing effect on soil productivity. You can get to know about beneficial soil microbes https://organitek.com/

Disturb the soil, either by developing or during the construction project can drastically reduce the required content of organic matter, (carbon and nitrogen concentrations) in healthy soil by wind and water erosion. You can get to know about beneficial soil microbes via 

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Disturb the soil also change soil conditions affect the number and types of organisms that exist naturally in a particular ecosystem. Even clearing of trees or removing grass will drastically change the soil environment by reducing the quality and quantity of crop residues is required as a food source for organisms to survive.

Creating a productive and stable soil for plant growth is highly dependent on the balance between living and non-living components. The energy supplied by the sun and nutrients that plants need to grow stored in the factory and then recycled through the process of decomposition by micro and microorganisms in the soil.

Organic materials that formed during this natural process of decomposition serve as a constant supply of nutrients and soil stabilizing factor is the physical environment.

To maintain soil productivity, soluble nutrients that have been removed from the soil with plant life need to be replaced.


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