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How to Provide Your Business with That Killer Online Presence


It would be fair to say that the internet has completely changed the playing field for new businesses and from a theoretical perspective; one could argue that it is much easier for these young companies to succeed. Nevertheless, the statistics suggest that’s certainly not the case and with approximately half of new businesses closing during their first year of operation, it’s clear to see that starting a business is still an extremely risky prospect even with the power of the World Wide Web.

Still, it goes without saying that an online presence can aid your business substantially. Therefore, we’ve compiled several issues you should consider before developing your company website.

Is your site to act as an online store?

This is arguably the biggest consideration you should have as it will make the biggest difference to your budget. Most web development firms won’t charge too much if you’re merely asking for a basic website, but if you add online shop functionality in the costs can soar.

Of course, for a lot of businesses, this is the whole point of getting a website in the first place. A lot rely heavily on their website sales but if you are under the impression that it’s not going to make a significant difference to your returns in the early days, it might be worth opting against this approach and investing in an online store once it is financially viable.

Online Presence

Will you be making regular updates to your site?

This is another issue that can impact the cost of your website. If you are looking to simply use your site as a means of displaying standard information to your customers, most development companies will charge very little. Static sites are actually incredibly cheap and if you know that your website is not going to be regularly altered, this is a very good option for you. For example, if your site is simply going to show the location of your business, its opening hours and other similar information, a web development company will be able to produce something like this in no time at all.

However, if you regularly need to display updates to your customers, the costs can start to rise. Admittedly, database driven websites are not as expensive as they once were, but they do cost more than static sites and this is something you should consider in your decision making process.

Do you plan to actively market your site?

This is another important aspect as even if you are merely investing in a static site, you will probably need some sort of way to promote it. The most common method is search engine optimization although unfortunately, this can place a large burden on your marketing budget if you are looking to keep costs to a minimum. Nevertheless, the potential within SEO is huge and if you can conquer a big term in the search engines, your business could get off to a flying start.

The best piece of advice in relation to this is to look at local companies. For example, if your business happens to be based in Suffolk, you should take a look at the SEO Suffolk has. Alternatively, if you reside in a different area, ask questions of other local companies. The aim is to try and arrange a meeting with such firms and see just how far your business can go for certain keyword terms on the budget you have available.

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