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How Businesses Use Apps For Marketing Success


Businesses have evolved alongside modern advertising tempo. The new lingo of marketing has been transformed by social media as well as the emergence of diverse mobile apps available in widely used platforms whether you are working on your laptop or prefer mobile apps on your smartphone. Everything has indeed gone wireless and convenient for businesses and consumers alike. You will never survive or make it to the client’s front door without a web presence.

There are indeed no known shortcuts to success – but social media marketing apps can get your business that extra mileage by placing you on the front row of google as well as other popular social media sites, search engines and mobile apps in a matter of a few clicks. The internet has that formidable power to obtain your brand name as viral as possible by integrating business apps and social media engagement.

There are not a bunch of people who still do not have a Facebook account yet – even some of my friend’s pet has one these days. It’s fascinating how socialization and businesses have threaded sections and made it all easier for advertisers and sales specialists to make their brand across – with less exertion than usual.


Social Networks Are Now Mobile

Nothing beats face-to-face advertising. Surely no one can argue with that. But the way to reach thousands of potential customers is to jump into the social media bandwagon and make the most of these business apps, which essentially costs far less. Leveraging a business is dirt cheap when Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are compared to traditional forms of advertising/marketing.

The internet has a way of incrementing results in a matter of milliseconds. It’s not a hit or miss industry. You just have to carry your brand campaign on a social networking site and integrate them into the rest of your social media footprint. Hit “like” and “share” or tag to your contacts. Include articles directories into the mix and your business is instantly placed in front of a very large audience. Join as many forums and groups related to your industry online. Employ the prowess of SEO and SEM to your blogs. The power of networking online has never been this invincible. The possibilities of failure in a web full of potential customers are close to null especially when you know how to play your cards right with the use of operational and cost-effective business apps.

Be Present In Multiple Mobile Platforms

Google Play Store has a lot of business apps that will facilitate you to multitask effectively. You can create a professional business image with the use of varied business apps that are easily downloadable. Smartphone platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) multiplies your options tremendously.

Mobile marketing offers a direct line of communication between you and your potential customers. The best way to get your brand known to a certain market is with the use of a mobile marketing campaign that features a free downloadable mobile app for your business. More people are going mobile nowadays essentially because it is able to provide communication, entertainment, and even productivity. People who are perpetually on the go yet must always keep in touch with their clientele cannot afford not to have a Smartphone in this age.

Mobile App Advertising

The power of mobile marketing apps is tapping into a broad array of network wherein all mobile homes are running and switched on 24/7. Have your mobile app customized and designed to show off your distinct flavour to show your brand’s edge as well as the products and services that you offer. The next challenge then is how you can effectively spread and get the word out into the business mobile arena.

The way to do it these days is to provide incentives for downloading your apps such as giving mobile coupons; which have a way longer shelf lives and retention rate than that paper coupons – way cooler too. Enable push notifications too on your mobile apps so they can easily find the hottest deals and promos right on their mobile phones. You can only imagine the possibilities of making your brand name out and going viral in this sort of effort.

Take how the iLiving app has found success using the strategies I’ve mentioned today. You don’t have to be a huge business magnate to dominate your industry and target market – you just need to step in front of your contemporaries by integrating mobile apps and social media management into the entire entrepreneurial ballgame.

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