Hearing Loss – The Worst Enemy of the Army

Because there was no provision for ear protection provided by the Army, there were more and more soldiers with hearing loss. The number of cases cannot be calculated. An effort is being made to study the magnitude of the problem.

One Army hearing specialist indicated that around half of the 500,000 people in combat training experienced severe hearing loss, disqualifying them from actual combat. Hearing loss is the reason why so many men lose their jobs, said the head of the military hospital audiologist.  If people were aware of the combat earplug lawsuits then they might have not lost their jobs.

Rating of hearing loss at 113 will encourage for such a step. Lower hearing loss, indicated by a rating of 112, was found to be valid for around 23.5 percent. Every Army recruitment was recommended to be given an ear plug in 1963. This recommendation did not materialize.

Recruitment is provided with earplugs but is not equipped with them. It was found that wearing earplugs was not strictly enforced. Regardless of the need to protect the ears, ear plugs are not recommended by field officials.

Earplugs were a requirement for fort officials when the report was shared by hearing specialists. People accept the possibility of partial deafness. A soldier wearing earplugs experiences pain in his eardrum when a cannon is fired.

The problem of hearing loss is also a possibility for those who work on helicopter flights and ground crews. Helicopter helmets used by the Army do not carry out sound screening work properly. Navy helmets must replace Army helmets because they are of better quality.


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