Building A Unique Brand Identity

Brands are names, terms, symbols, designs, or combinations of these that are used by an organization to identify its products as unique from others. It acts as an identity and a signal, communicating many messages to the market.

Therefore, brand identity is 'its personality' in the context of your target market. In other words, it is brand characteristics as seen by the market. Every business has one, though some are smoother and others are very ahead of you. If you want to brand your business, then you can visit

It is important for the success of a brand to have a solid and well-supported identity because it allows the target market to connect.

People are emotional creatures and this arises in the behavior of their buyers, so, therefore, if a business wants their products to be attractive to certain customers, brand identity must offer relevant characteristics that are pleasing and beneficial to them.

For example, popular Noodles run intensive branding campaigns with the children eating their noodles, with the intention that their brand will be linked with 'pleasant experiences’ and 'good times' with children.

This is an element of brand identity, that customers will recognize the related characteristics, and connect their happy emotions with products that naturally fit the situation.

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