7 Questions To Ask Miniature Shepherd Breeders Before Buying A Dog

If you are in the process of buying a puppy, the best way to find a quality dog is by finding a reputable breeder. You cannot, however, find a competent professional if you do not know the right questions to ask. Therefore, it is essential to have a list of questions that you will ask the professional over the phone or when you meet in person. These questions will help you to know whether you have found the right breeding expert. This article provides you with seven questions you should ask miniature american shepherd breeders before you purchase a puppy from them.

When you contact the professional, you should ask him how long he has been running his facility. Also, find out his goals. Most reputable breeding experts will be comfortable telling you how long they have been breeding the animals. They will also explain the goals they would like to accomplish with particular breeding. Any professional that does not answer these questions must be avoided.

The second question you should ask the expert is whether he has tested his puppies. Health testing is paramount to puppies as it will help buyers to know whether the animals they are about to buy are healthy. However, some breeders do not do any health testing. That is why you should ask for health documents in case the expert tells you that he has tested the animals.

A contract is mandatory in any form of business. If there is no contract, the breeding professional will not have any obligation to stand by his dogs. A contract is essential as it will protect the buyer and the breeding expert. Therefore, before you buy your puppy, ask the professional whether he has a contract. When you get the agreement, ensure you read carefully before signing it.

The price of the dog is another essential thing to ask before you commit to buying it. You cannot budget for something if you do not know the price. Thus, find out how much the breed you are interested in goes for. Animals that have been health tested, cared for appropriately, trained, and fed well will cost more than the neglected ones.

Make sure you also ask about the socialization of the animals. Ask the expert to describe the stimulating and socialization activities that the puppies do from when they are born to about eight weeks of age. There are so many activities that young puppies can engage in that sensitize them to their new surroundings.

If you are dealing with a professional from another city, you should ask about the shipping of the animal. You should consider this critical matter because the safety of the pup matters. Hence, find out whether the animal will be shipped to you or you will be forced to pick it up.

Another excellent question you should ask the professional is whether he has any references. Any reputable and competent expert will not deny you contacts of other qualified breeding experts. Therefore, when you ask the expert to recommend you to other animals, he should do it without feeling insecure.

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